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Not Sure
 from Guatemala
16.11.16 21:16
I'm happy to see that you're still here.
It's nice to see you again.
Thank you.
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 from Nicaragua
16.11.16 15:18
I Like Your Website
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skybird tom
 from Hong Kong S.A.R.
06.11.16 22:47
thank you  very much! for all you done!
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Robert OPi
 from United Kingdom
01.11.16 10:10
Used before for one of the cracks, amazing love you guys who ever you are, amazing job. Just Massive Thank you 
Leeds UK
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bwipi bwipi
 from United States
30.10.16 10:41
Hi guys!
I really like your work and what you are doing here and i would like to be part of it. Would you  please activate my account.
Thank you
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Raphael Oliveira
 from Brazil
25.10.16 16:34
I'm going to just thank the site the ability to realize requests.
Best Regards
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Dpot dpot
 from France
21.10.16 07:04
i have just get paralyze in one hand but the other still works and i am tearing my hire out need sum thing to do how do i crack not that well educated so need help to started and thanks for Floriani would like to crack the new one thanks
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rolandbad badeni
 from Greece
21.10.16 03:43
Plase ,help my , no bot the activatiion...
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bougons bougons
 from Canada
20.10.16 17:57
please activate my account
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20.10.16 12:14
Hoping for activation  TIA
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pedro mass
 from Argentina
18.10.16 16:51
podrian activar mi cuenta por favor
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 from Spain
18.10.16 04:48
Buenas tardes, he recibido el mensaje de confirmación, he pulsado en el link, me dice que esta correcto pero no me deja entrar, me dice que me tiene que autorizar el administrador.
Me puede ayudar.
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haroon khan
 from Pakistan
18.10.16 01:00
sir hope you will be fine activate my account
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José Torres
 from Spain
14.10.16 00:40
Podría activar mi cuenta, por favor.
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montassire kamal
 from Malaysia
13.10.16 13:09
haw are you
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phil vl vl
 from Belgium
09.10.16 02:49
many thnx 4 letting me in !!!!!!
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ahri ahmad
 from Indonesia
06.10.16 11:38
Hi, nice to be here
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 from Fiji Islands
02.10.16 20:02
ur music iz lit. thanks for the activator.
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N3twork Noil N3twork Noil
 from United States
30.09.16 19:07
I recently used a cracked version of adobe from you guys. I love it. Thank you. I truly appreciate all your hard work and efforts. Keep it up. When I ran the patch, I fell in trance with the techno song that started to bump. I was wondering were I could find this song. The headers says "by the iNeViTABLE :)"JunlajubalamPlease contact me. I would love to know the song name. Thank you!! >> full...
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Chris Dubois
 from United States
29.09.16 20:37
 I was interested in what the site has to offer and for what I can give back.
If you/anyone could activate my account- that would be fantastic! 
Thank you!
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 from Canada
27.09.16 09:28
Since there's no contact page, beside request... why deleted messages still showing on a specific patch page ?? pro 14 advanced (14.0.1)/
I tried to erase a wrong post that I made, click on it, it's gone on screen, but when I reload the page, it's back...
>> full...
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 from Guatemala
24.09.16 08:28
please activate my account
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 from Romania
23.09.16 08:39
Best wishes,
Please activate my account !
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Thiago Igor
 from Brazil
22.09.16 06:21
bom Dia!
amei o site por favor teria como ativar o meu login?
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 from United States
21.09.16 07:15
Thanks for all that you do, please activate my account.
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