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 from Guatemala
06.03.16 13:33
kind of lost here , iv registered but it seems like i need an approval from an administrator . 
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 from Italy
05.03.16 01:44
Hy guys ,
i signed up yesterday , i ' m waiting for admin .
Many many thanks for your time and your amazing work !!!
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vahid maleki
 from Iran
05.03.16 00:29
hi very good program im key send tanks
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paulmorgan93 Paul
 from Singapore
04.03.16 11:31
Just registered as a new user!! Glad to be around here :) Hope to be approved by the admins and be part of this community!
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targadany dany
 from Australia
02.03.16 13:34
Hey I just registered but I need to wait for admin :| 
Thank you for Synchro Studio 9, much appreciated!
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Avi Fried
 from Israel
01.03.16 17:56
I am the first time here!
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jean-paul pndoran
 from France
01.03.16 06:01
Bonjour ,  je suis inscrit mais impossible de confirmer, je ne reçois pas de mail en réponse si dans ma bôite ni dans les spams, merci de faire le nécessaire. Cordialement.pndoran
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 from Canada
28.02.16 13:09
Waiting to get access, says self registered users cannot log in without admin approval or something.
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 from Guatemala
25.02.16 00:30
Hi guys cant wait to use your site .I've received an acceptance email but still cant access.Please could you check for me ;)
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 from United States
24.02.16 17:37
Programmer and reverse engineer awaiting admin clearance! Look forward to your site.
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 from Ukraine
23.02.16 14:32
I shall now attempt an interpretation of Space Oddity as a Thank you for being there before.
Ground Control to Mayan Mods
This one noob requires clearance on account,
Checking guestbook may this actually succeed.
This is user fanvault to Mayan Mods
I've knew you for some time
Now, today is my first time venturing to this place
And it was not so simple as I would of guessed 
Here's to hoping I can become,
A part of this community.
I may be just a ...
>> full...
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Lidma Hano
 from Congo
23.02.16 08:15
Hi, registered but need admin approval/confirmation I think.
have a nice day
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Sixx Mars
 from Mexico
18.02.16 15:56
Thank you for the oportunity to r4egister with you guys!!
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 from India
16.02.16 20:51
I, i register and i 'm waiting for administrator validation. Thank you.
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 from Sweden
15.02.16 18:16
Superb graphics. I´m awaiting clearance  :)
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hyunchul yoon
 from Korea
14.02.16 19:00

Hi, I really really want to be member!

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hyunchul yoon
 from Korea
14.02.16 05:00
Nice to meet you 
please accept my registration. Thank you!
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Stephen Trew
 from United States
13.02.16 13:07
could you let me know what the average wait time is for administrative clearance?
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adlatworld ade
 from Nigeria
12.02.16 06:16
 Nice website!  I cannot log into my newly created account.  Says that
something like self-created user account must be approved by Admin.  I have activated in the mail thanks for your response in advance
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12.02.16 00:12
I, i register and i 'm waiting for administrator validation. Thank you.
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 from France
06.02.16 00:39
hi, i register but i wait after administrator validation
thanks for this site, very good
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Salcianu Mihai Salcianu
 from Romania
31.01.16 02:24
Hello, Mihai form Romania here, looking forword to becoming a member in the community!
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 from Italy
29.01.16 01:24
Finally, a place where I feel at home. Thank you!!!!
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m4 mayan
 from Guatemala
29.01.16 00:16
Excellent site.
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Esteban Montoya
 from Colombia
27.01.16 11:45
Apreciados amigos, buen día¡
Que gran equipo, "el equipo maya". Muchas gracias por su trabajo, tiempo y filosofía de vida, me identifico con ustedes. 
estoy a la espera de confirmación por admin, pues ansió ser parte de esta gran y bonita comunidad.
saludos, desde Colombia¡
un abrazo¡¡¡
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