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 from Italy
28.02.11 19:39
Silpatch don't work for 64 bit plugin but just for 32 bit. if you managed to unlock the 32-bit you can unlock the part 64-bit?
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rocky46 Guy
 from United States
28.02.11 02:30
64 bit?
can't find file no matter where patch is located, even in the same folder as S E P 2!
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Mark Ashworth
 from United Kingdom
28.02.11 00:23
SIl for Mac?????
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Massimo De Carolis
 from Italy
27.02.11 18:22
Sorry for my english. You are fantastic.
I want to warn that the patch for Silver Efex Pro 2 ( only works for 32-bit version, it will not work for 64 bit version. you can do something for 64-bit version?
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Amit Sharma
 from Guatemala
27.02.11 18:20
Nik Software Siex Pro 2.0 activator doesnt work.

Is there going to be another keygen/patch or dll hack?
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josh harris
 from United Kingdom
25.02.11 19:03
Hi All,am looking for the activation patch for jmc 16, the one I have for mc15 is perfect! And how do I register here or is it by invite only,I'm a newbie anxious to learn more, Thanx!
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Byki Chibi
 from Nigeria
24.02.11 12:36
Love to be a part of this
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D dave
 from United States
23.02.11 19:29
Hello Folks
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 from India
23.02.11 11:47
Greetings from INDIA :) I came across your site by accident, nice to see such revolutionary spirit :)
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eduardo alonso
 from Argentina
20.02.11 06:18
Hi! Thanx for the job with Peavey ReValver MK III.V, but....
The standalone version doesn`t work in 64 bit mode, and the "new" preset and "save" doesn`t work in 32 bit mode.
And the VST mode (hosted by a DAW) doesn`t work.
I love this soft and I really dont have the money to buy it, so it will very aprecciate if you can solve those issues.

Grettings from Argentina!
>> full...
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 from Spain
18.02.11 05:50
Hola he visto esta web por casualidad y me ha gustado. quería aprovechar para pedir si alguien seria capaz de encontrar un crack para Bet Angel pro., es un programa de lo mejorcito para apuestas en betfair. podriais hacerlo o explicarme como se hace para hacerlo yo? gracias!
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Luis Alfonso
 from Venezuela
17.02.11 06:26
Hey thanks..

The best crack in all the fu***** internet bros..(sony vegas 10)

Keep on the good work..

You're trully really hackers..

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13.02.11 13:03
Thank You for patching Vecre 3.0, although it is patched, it still generates wrong G codes.... thanks
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 from Greece
11.02.11 07:19
Hello guys! Many many thanks for cracking the new revsoftware! One question though..

Even though the standalone works great when i apply the patch, the cubase vst plugin is not fully functional so i can't save anything i make :/
Is there something i'm doing wrong?
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kushtra key
 from Albania
07.02.11 11:57
can you
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 from United States
06.02.11 00:44
Good work on Desktime goes but it stillis limited to only loading demo stl files and has problems with saving output.
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Alfredo Fredy
 from Guatemala
05.02.11 05:43
Necesito el crack de Pira1 Update para windows
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antz ardian
 from Indonesia
04.02.11 19:17
I have been use auto
would you share how to make it pro
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Arsenty Karamurza
 from Russia
04.02.11 04:03
I would very appreciate that if you crack this piece of software:
(I'm not yet ready to pay $500 for a import/export plugin). A bonus applies, surely!
I have already downloaded all the stuff from the site so please don't waste you time for this. Please contact me

This plugin will perfectly supplement another tool that you have already cracked (MatchWare MindView :) This is a really good tool I couldn't afford before. Thanks a lot!

Arsenty >> full...
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joseph albert
 from Colombia
03.02.11 09:51

el archivo comprimido con win_rar
el parche da error

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