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juan felipe
 from Guatemala
30.06.11 07:17
Saludos siempre a la delantera.
Los visito a los tiempos y estan igual de cañeros.
Suerte y Aguante mpt34m
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Florin Georgescu
 from Romania
25.06.11 15:52
you have an error in PHP scripts when doing a SEARCH. Here I looked for Ollydbg and I got this error:

Message: MySQL Query fail:SELECT COUNT (*) FROM WHERE MATCH site_search_index (page_content) AGAINST ('OllyDbg' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AND page_id = 28 AND page_lang = 1 AND (user_id = user_id OR masster = "")

MySQL Error: Unknown column 'user_id' in 'where clause'

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 6:47:52 PM

Script: / Mptb.php? Action = frontpage
>> full...
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Karen Kool
 from Guatemala
24.06.11 02:56
I cannot get the photostory to work - the activator code that was sent to me is incorrect - can any one help?
0 0 swagg
 from United States
22.06.11 20:25
hey guys anyone knows how to hack credit ??! plz help me i'm in real need to that
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Dony Almeida
 from Brazil
21.06.11 17:52
Olá galera parabéns pelo trabalho de vocês, meu blog.
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Mario Herrera
 from Nicaragua
20.06.11 09:16
Necesito un activador para midvbe_es alguien puede ayudarme, gracias
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Slappy Ross Sawyer
 from United States
19.06.11 18:06
I'm not understanding how the crack works for v HD i downloaded and then i tried to click on the heads and it sony keeps asking me to register. Show me how to do this.
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 from Morocco
18.06.11 21:54
Greetz from morocco guyz !!
continue the great work ;)
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Mass Ferrer
 from Guatemala
18.06.11 20:11
I'm requesting a crack..


Cae is the solution for your Intere. Our software provides you with ameans to
control the workstations, manage customer database, sell products and generate detailed
reports and statistics.

Someone has crack this program before but since he was very good in cracking the program, he was soon contact by the owner itself and offer him he cant refuse... right now he has been earning $$ from it, he was hired as their reseller ... >> full...
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 from New Zealand
17.06.11 01:53
I am trying to get the code for the Mahotostory delux = but can't find it -was directed to this site but can't work out where or how to get it
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Ramy Rabie
 from Guatemala
14.06.11 13:17
Any Activation For ThWF to Video Converter :(
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 from Greece
14.06.11 09:10
Hey love the cracks and the website is great. NEED HELP ON AVOU ACTIVATION
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Josh Tsuyoshi
 from Singapore
13.06.11 08:53
ThankYou guys as you know you guys cracked some nice softwares already. People who are using your crackes will know you done a great effort!

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laura kite
 from Guatemala
07.06.11 13:46
Sondactivator not working. Plz check.
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Franck Lanam
 from France
07.06.11 13:02
Hi ,

With your last

With this activator, the autopilot malfunctioned. He chose songs randomly
without following categories.

it is possible to correct it ?

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Carlos rapalini
 from Uruguay
05.06.11 15:07
The crack has a bug that there are songs that cut in half or just starts playing, the progress is appreciated by the great work they do. Greetings
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 from Mexico
01.06.11 05:29
He estado buscando cracks para Acoft 5 tendran alguno?? gracias
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