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Kevin W.
 from United States
29.08.14 17:33
Put me on amigo! Tical.
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 from United Kingdom
29.08.14 11:21
Hi Junla,
Thanks for the quick activation and the privilege of joining this great forum. I look forward to helping here!
Brainiac :)
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victor acosta
 from Argentina
27.08.14 11:51
       Es Muy bueno el Trabajo y la Orientaciˇn al publico.
Llegan muy bien al objetivo y la propuesta de esta enriquecida visita me refresca el pensamiento.
ATTE: Faraon
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suresh.hacker suresh
 from India
27.08.14 05:27
Dear Admin.. I would like to lean and contribute in Mayan Prophecy Team(MPT). I've registered and waiting for the Activation.
With Thank and Regards
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 from United States
22.08.14 13:10
Please Activationred
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Rocky Rap
 from United States
22.08.14 08:51
let me  help.......22yrs expierence..... Rocky
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jeff ayers
 from United States
21.08.14 20:33
Would to join this group and cxonnect with real conscious computer heads.
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pioner5552 Nickolay
 from Russia
21.08.14 04:59
To the admin, "Please accept my request for registration". I'd like to be a member in this group. Thank you!
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Tony Leki
 from Thailand
18.08.14 05:00
Please let me join with your wonderful things
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 from Italy
17.08.14 09:47
You are great!!!
Thank's for your works.
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Desert Hejazy
 from Egypt
15.08.14 19:01
To the admin, "Please accept my request foráregistration". I'd like to be a member in this group. Thank you
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Bebo Hejazy
 from Egypt
15.08.14 15:14
I'd like to thank the whole team and the admin in particular ,,, You already helped me a lot through your marvelous share. I finally, was able to download 2 of the most needed programs. which are ". Thanx a millionásmiley
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Tim tjay83
 from United States
13.08.14 01:43
Thank you very much!!!!
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 from Mexico
09.08.14 12:37

Just to say thanks to the admin for allowing me to this forum.


See Ya
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guy fawks
 from Australia
02.08.14 18:14
hey guys i wont to say thanks u for the avs all product thing used for years know and this is the first time i have thought hang on lets go to this site so i did it very hard to understand as not all in english and ur wording is not to good in english text lolz i am asking for u to plzzzz email me i would love to know more about mayan ... >> full...
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The Rev.
 from United States
02.08.14 12:33

Make it your's ...make it mine...

     Make it ours together................

                                 The Rev.
>> full...
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 from Guatemala
01.08.14 10:42
Nice my freiends
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