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 from New Caledonia
29.09.13 23:30


Thank you to excuse my English, no one is perfect, I'm french

I can open the pplus XIB'ALB'A page I have the following message: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 128 bytes) in / home / mptmnet / public_html / ezg_data / mysql . php on line 145. while all other tabs open normally.

Can you hear me aides'il please?

Thank you and see you soon.

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tomtato tom
 from Thailand
27.09.13 12:40
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 from Italy
25.09.13 11:15
Hei guys I'm getting this error whenever I try to reach I link of yours except Home, Guestbook, Favourite Link and About!

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/mptmnet/public_html/ezg_data/mysql.php on line 145
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 from Mexico
25.09.13 10:59

hola ! ultimamente he notado que la web tiene bastanes errores, ahora de momento no se puede entrar en esta direccion www

da error de memoria. Si quisieras que te heche una mano a solucionar todo esto me avisas! saludos!
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 from Guatemala
25.09.13 03:13
Buenos días, yo no entendía mucho todavía en el sitio para ser un nuevo miembro y quiero dejar aquí mi pregunta, no puedo ver la página o la página XIB'BAL'BA ni TUTORIAL en el primer día que me registré, podía ver todo pero en el segundo día en adelante de este error aquí:

Fatal error: Permitido el tamaño de la memoria de 67108864 bytes agotado (tratado de asignar 80 bytes) in / home ...
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mulyadi lumpia
 from Indonesia
23.09.13 23:19

i need to be member. send me email how to be member, thanks.

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 from Ecuador
23.09.13 21:05
Mil gracias de todo corazon use una version para U 3D G.E. la ultima y funko de mil maravillas. Saludos desde el ombligo del mundo!!! FTS.
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City_Man City
 from Egypt
20.09.13 02:25
need to join this site plz 

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Jamie One
 from Finland
19.09.13 04:35

Great work guys. 

You are all beautiful...let me put it that way. :)

Btw, how can I sign up for this site.
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 from United Kingdom
18.09.13 12:07



Very cool site in many ways!


Keep up the good work. :)
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 from Guatemala
15.09.13 01:22
Thank you and all the others for working countless hours and sacrificing your time. Your work is giving many less fortunate life changing opportunities to learn and prosper.  
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Stephan Sainvil
 from Haiti
14.09.13 14:11

I'm new here  and I don't know exactly what to expect. Please don't feel bad if I just happen to ask too many questions.


Stephan :.
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 from France
14.09.13 10:22


Many thanks for all :) :) :)
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 from Italy
08.09.13 02:46
thank for your all works great site
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mani venus
 from Iran
06.09.13 02:02
thank you .nice site
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 from Guatemala
04.09.13 17:25

respect guys!

keep on.....

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 from Guatemala
03.09.13 10:52
apologies for my previous post, please do not ban :) a rare loss of concentration
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dazaemon kaze
 from Mexico
02.09.13 13:07
great job guys.
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